Mental Health – Sunday A good day

Today has a good feeling about it, I am actually feeling good, today I bumped into a someone I met a few months ago and we had a good chat over breakfast and now I am having a coffee and writing away and I might even get into writing my book again.

Things are feeling ok, tomorrow I see the university, and I really want to push on the idea that I want to be able to do the work in my own time, I don’t mind paying the full wack, but I want some special treatment from them, if they really want the 3 years then I really  need to think about it, while I know it is cheap, but that puts me at 55 and I really need a way of making some money, at the moment that is the biggest thing on my mind, I need to start to build up some money, I want to go to Thailand I want to live there and be happy, and not alone anymore.