Mondays – Mental Health

Sunday was really bad, about as bad as it could have gotten, I really hate myself, I don’t know why I am here, but I don’t want to go home. I am so tired of being alone and the knowledge that I can not really be with anyone and very few people want to be with me or even care if I am alive is really beginning to drag me down, winter is coming and if I enter into a dark and gloomy season with this feeling I will just end it all.

The joke is, I know no one would really notice, the impact it would have is nil.

Then you think about it and people wonder why mass shootings etc, its blindingly obvious really, people are lonely and they think their life does not count and why not go out with a bang, of course they get labeled mentally ill but no one really talks about the cause, its just all the BS its ok to talk yet this comes from all the rich folks who have shit loads of money telling you they are depressed, I tell you what, lets switch for a week, I will take your money and you live my life, lets see who suffers?

I can offer no solutions, I know I will not go out and kill lots of people, my life has had no real impact and will continue to do so, and that I am happy with.

The knowledge that if we continue on this insane path of liberal BS that the world will destroy itself will go with me, and while that will be laughed at, I have seen it, I have written it down and played it out, its one of those things, you just know.

I hate this world, I hate this life, grant me the strength to leave it.