Mental Health Mondays

So it’s the afternoon and we sit upon Zianson hill and think about what it is we want to do and what it is that I should do and the loneliness creeps up again, and we continue to think that it would be easier if I just left this world, there must be something more than this but we know there isn’t.

Still when you there is nothing that you will leave behind it makes it easier.

Still who will read this? No one who will know me and with that maybe I should make sure that I do the Canadian thing and apologize to everyone and everything for what I didn’t do.

Nothing happens quick enough, everything just goes so slowly, when you can see the outcome of things you just wonder why people just don’t get up and move on, I hate waiting I hate it, and watching this world and how slowly it goes is just driving me as crazy as it is possible to be.

I don’t always get things done myself, but when needs must, I do and still that is more often than the majority of people.

At least the air up here is fresh, it only took me an hour to get here and walk up the hill, and that was only 7000 steps, what does a guy have to do to get 10000 steps a day, I have to walk further and further now, I guess my stride is getting longer and quicker as I try and get more steps I am getting fewer and walking further.

So I guess I will walk on, and go for the nation park and manybe there I will find something to eat.

Life sucks.

8/12/2019 12:28 PM

Another day, but at least today I have classes and there are things that I can do.

Yesterday I walked 20 km to try and clear my head, and it worked to a degree, the more I do the more walking the more I have to think about other things the better.

From Ziasan hill to the nation park and all the way back with a stop in Grand Khan for a meal and a few beers.

I need to go back to drinking everyday I think, that will help me forget and keep things at bay.