Top 18 Niche Online Tools for Private Investigators

By Kieffer Ramirez


Editor’s note: This article was written by Kieffer Ramirez Director of IT and Investigations at Tio Square Inc.. The opinions expressed here belong to Kieffer Ramirez.

While there are many online resources offering information about people for a small cost, private investigators typically only utilize a few at a time and their use depends on the type of information they seek. For example, there are times when investigators only need to discover or monitor a subject’s social media activities. Other times, a person’s criminal history is most important. The problem is, some online tools yield a good amount of reliable and accurate information but most reveal unreliable and outdated data. One way of quickly knowing whether the investigative tool is legit or not is by seeing if the website delivers a vast collection of public information and, more importantly, reveals key content about the subject, such as the subject’s age and date of birth. These websites containing the most up to date and pertinent information are very rarely free. It is the paid investigative resources that are more reliably packed with extensive data that is more precise and organized.

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