Private Investigations for Businesses and Business Owners

By Michele M. Harris

Private investigators have a lot to offer professional businesses though these businesses may not realize all the ways investigators can be used. Once business owners get past the myths and stereotypes of our profession, they can obtain useful information that benefits their business. Here are some of the ways private investigators can serve businesses.

Detailed Background Checks

One of the biggest ways a PI can help a business is by conducting extensive background checks. These pre-employment and yearly required background checks can be for civil, criminal, bankruptcy, credit reports, and drivers records. The kinds of background checks required of a business depends on the state. Many business agencies rely on cheap searches they find online, but private investigators are much more accurate and thorough. For example,, one of these online websites, recently got in trouble for recommending unsuitable people who somehow passed through their screenings. Meanwhile, an investigator found what they missed within five minutes.

Background checks can also extend beyond employment. When a business is planning a merger or acquisition, it’s a good idea to conduct a detailed background check on the other company, its owners, and partners via criminal, civil, property, Dunn and Bradstreet (commercial credit) reports, and more.

Security Sweeps

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