Recognizing and Investigating Emotional Infidelity

By PInow Staff

Recognizing and Investigating Emotional Infidelity

What is Emotional Infidelity?

Emotional affairs often comprise of a situation in which the emotions of one partner are dedicated to a source outside of the relationship and, because of this, they become emotionally unavailable and the relationship suffers. This often involves an individual maintaining an intimate relationship (outside their committed relationship) that doesn’t include physical touch.

While affairs of a physical, sexual nature are more easily recognizable, emotional affairs can often have an extreme impact on a relationship because they involve an extra level of lying and betrayal. Sexual infidelity can be purely physical with little to no emotions involved depending on the situation. Emotional infidelity betrays the unique emotional bond that defines the health of a traditional romantic relationship. An intimate relationship involves a person sharing their desires, fears, and victories. When one partner starts sharing these details with someone else first, the original relationship starts breaking down.

The challenge for investigators is identifying emotional infidelity when pursuing a cheating spouse case. Since physical intimacy isn’t involved, can infidelity still be proven? Is it something you should bring to your client’s attention? The answers to these questions are explored below as well as telltale signs that your subject is emotionally …read more

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