My Favorite Detective Stories

By John A. Hoda

Debuting in June 2018 with a tripleheader, My Favorite Detectives Stories is a podcast for investigators with investigators (and investigative journalists) hosted by, you guessed it, an investigator. When starting to think seriously about my encore career and what resonated most, I wanted to leave a legacy of helping other investigators in an entertaining format. I’ve had a great forty-two years of detective work, first as an insurance fraud investigator and then as a private investigator, but I want to inspire people new to the investigation profession with the stories from heavy-hitters of how they got started, who were their mentors, why they decided to pursue a career in investigations, and most importantly, what their favorite stories were.

When cops, detectives, and private eyes get talking around the bar, the stories flow like the latest seasonal brew on tap. “Did I ever tell you about the time I was in the south side of Chicago?” The story is told and the next guy says, “That reminds of the time in Key West when…”

Before you know it, people eavesdropping from nearby tables and bar stools form a circle and now the storytellers have an audience of avid listeners. Many private investigators can …read more

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