Cameras Fit for Private Investigator Surveillance

By William Wilson

Before technology became accessible to the general public and private investigators, following your subject was the primary way to complete surveillance. Surveillance has come a long way since then with the rise in portable and hidden cameras. The advent of camera technology has made surveillance more powerful and effective for investigators since photographic evidence is easy to obtain. Particularly for private investigators, technology paved the way for appropriate avenues for surveillance.

Innovative gadgets such as cameras became the most useful tool for private investigators. Although there are other types of equipment used in an investigation, cameras are the primary tool of the trade. However, not all cameras are fit for a private investigator. Although all kinds of cameras can provide surveillance evidence, not all can produce good quality photographs or videos.

The Appropriate Camera for A Private Investigator

There are distinct specifications that a surveillance camera must have if used by a private investigator. Their primary cameras ideally have the following:

  • Recording capability
  • Optical zoom of x12
  • Manual focus
  • Night mode functions
  • Viewfinder
  • View screen

All of the above specs are normally found in an average type of surveillance camera but it is important to consider other factors. These …read more

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