13 Signs That Your Client May Be Bugged

By Matthew D. Seifer

Matthew D. Seifer

In the last decade, bug sweeps are now one of our most requested services. With the rise in technology becoming more affordable, compact, and adaptable, it is more accessible for those with nefarious intents to eavesdrop on a victim to steal valuable intelligence. Common situations that increase susceptibility to being bugged:


  • Involved in a lawsuit
  • Have plans to or have recently downsized
  • In a competitive industry that relies on insider knowledge (marketing, fashion, automotive, product development, medical, technology, advertising, etc.)
  • Involved in government affairs or politics

Personal affairs:

  • Filing or in the middle of a divorce
  • Involved in a custody battle (it is common for the children to have devices hidden in their things or on them during visits)
  • In the process of getting married
  • Filed an insurance claim
  • Is or previously was in a position of power or influence, in business or politics
  • Is a minister or religious leader
  • Suspects the person eavesdropping is someone close to them who work in law enforcement, security, or the judicial system.

While you should always conduct due diligence beyond the face value of what a client tells you, if a client doesn’t disclose any of these warning signs and are …read more

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