Online Data Protection: New UK Law & Potential Investigative Effects

By Stephanie Irvine

As more of our personal lives blend with the digital world, legislation in both the United States and in the United Kingdom are working to catch up. Between data breaches and identity fraud, the push to get laws on the books to protect citizens are more important than ever.

Over the last year, the United Kingdom has been working on legislation that gives people more rights when it comes to their personal data online. The new laws in the United Kingdom echo the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted in Europe, which effectively make consumers more aware of how data collection companies use their information. They also give people the ability to have their personal information scrubbed from online sources.

Tech companies were hustling to update their privacy policies to comply with this law because unlike physical countries, the internet does not have clear borders. Since online websites, databases, and platforms reach such a wide audience, they must be cognizant of how their information, storage of data, and accessibility of data is viewed in the eyes of laws all over the world.

With the huge push to secure data, how does this affect private investigators?

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