Tech Advancements Aid Private Investigators

By Rachel Stinson

The process of investigating has long been a tedious and difficult job where investigators regularly face multiple obstacles. Following people without being seen, photographing them, and tracking their activity can be quite difficult.

The rise of technology has helped revolutionize the investigation industry, as is typical with whatever area technology crosses into. Here we take a look at how electronic monitoring and the rise in technology has brought about a new age in this industry.

Tracking Mechanisms

As mentioned above, following people to record their movements and where they visit is one of the most commonly asked tasks for investigators. It is quite difficult to do that all day long without the individual under surveillance becoming suspicious. Eventually, investigators run the risk of being spotted and exposing their cover. While using multiple investigators will work, that tactic will cost a lot of money and resources. But what if you place a GPS tracker on the vehicle of the person? The investigator does not need to be present at the location but can stay in a safe place and get real-time updates on the person’s whereabouts. However, this strategy may have some drawbacks as GPS tracking devices’ legality …read more

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