How to not be spotted: A Private Investigator’s Guide to Blending In

By PInow Staff

A successful investigator is able to remain undercover and unnoticed so that they can collect useful evidence to support their client’s claim. Blending in with the surrounding population or daily activity is necessary so that the individual under surveillance does not become suspicious and thus change their own actions.

Investigators should take extreme caution to expose their true purpose or else the investigation could be ruined. Here are some tips to stay undiscovered.

A Quick Click

Leaning out of your car window to snap a photo is undoubtedly suspicious. Hauling a large camera and taking photos of unwarned individuals can cause alarm. When you are collecting photographic or video evidence, discretely snap a quick photo instead of pausing for an extended period of time. If your case requires constant recording or frequent photographs, consider investing in a hidden camera. If you are in a setting where taking photos look extremely out-of-place, opt for a phone camera instead. Smartphones can often take similar-quality photographs while drawing less attention.

The Right Distance

Close proximity to the suspect may seem beneficial, however, you will want to avoid being within several feet of the individual as you will risk being identified. If the …read more

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