Importance of Accurate Background Checks

By Stephanie Irvine

For many private investigators, background checks are a staple service offering. There are a variety of different types of background checks, but in each, a qualified private investigator is capable of retrieving and assessing the results. Accuracy is critical when it comes to background checks because the results, if inaccurate, can be devastating.

Background Check Basics

When someone requests a background check, they want to know more about a person than what meets the eye. Whether someone is considered for a position in which they interact with children or an individual has applied for a gun and a background check is required by law, private investigators have the resources and knowledge to supply the necessary report. Background Checks are typically comprised of the following types:

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks: Requested by an employer to ensure a candidate is suitable for a position; can include a criminal background check, social security number verification, education verification, driving record, character references, credit checks, and more.
  • Criminal Background Check: Conducted to see if an individual has a criminal history (at county and state levels) and can be done for a variety of reasons (pre-employment and personal are common).
  • Personal Background Check: Completed for personal …read more

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