16 Things You Should Know About Court Records

By Kimberly Faber

16 Things You Should Know About Court Records

When it comes to how court records are organized, which search methods work best, and how these records can supplement an investigation, there is a lot of information out there. Nearly every investigation conference we’ve attended has had a track on court records, and we hear time and time again that the most reliable and helpful information always comes from a trained and experienced private investigator.

Brian Willingham of Diligentia Group, a PInow Top Blogger and a Top Investigator on Twitter, along with I-Sight Software put on a great webinar on court records. We’ve included some key takeaways, the things you should know about court records, and some great court record search tips from members of the Investigator Marketing Group on LinkedIn below.

Below are 16 crucial things you should know about court records, how to search them, and how the information can impact your investigation. Afterward, hear some additional tips from experienced investigators.

1. Court records are one of the most important and underutilized resources in an investigation

“Court records don’t require any special permission,” investigator Brian Willingham says. “The beauty of court records is that they are available to anybody. “

2. They don’t require any special permission

While investigators who work with …read more

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