Private Investigator Physical Gear

By Stephanie Irvine

Private Investigator Physical Gear

When you work as a private investigator, you need to have the right equipment to do your job efficiently and effectively. When most people think of a private eye, they might immediately think of binoculars. And it’s not just a cliche — there are several pieces of equipment that you will need for a proper investigation to handle the unique challenges that being an investigator presents! While it is an absolute must to have a pair of binoculars that will allow you to successfully conduct surveillance, you will also need a few more tools as a private investigator. Keep reading to learn what you need to get the job done!


This may seem obvious, but the vehicle you use when investigating is important. You need to have a reliable vehicle that is not loud, flashy or noticeable. Private investigators need a vehicle that blends in so that when you conduct surveillance you are not detected. You also don’t want a breakdown when you need to trail your target, so ensure that the vehicle you use for surveillance is properly maintained and up-to-date with preventative maintenance. Additionally, you will need a vehicle that can house your equipment, which …read more

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