What You Need to Know About Investigating Workers Compensation Cases

By Stephanie Irvine

For Private Investigators, investigating workers compensation cases requires ingenuity and time. When a worker is injured on the job, they may be entitled to benefits, including but not limited to, medical bill payment, compensation for time off, and/or other financial benefits. There are two types of workers compensation fraud cases: those in which the employee commits fraud and those in which it is the employer who commits fraud.

Employee Fraud

When a worker knowingly files a false claim in order to obtain benefits, that is fraud. While it seems like this would be a criminal case for the police to investigate, it typically is up to the healthcare companies to investigate and determine whether or not the filing was fraudulent.

Employer Fraud

Employers can also be held liable for fraud in workers compensation cases. While most people first think of an employee faking an injury, employers can also be guilty of committing fraud by denying valid claims, not making disability payments on time, refusing to provide insurance, or by making examples of employees who have submitted claims.

Other examples of employer workers compensation fraud can include misclassification of workers to evade providing benefits. Those cases typically include hiring an …read more

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