Private Investigator Branding

By PInow Staff

PI Branding

Investigators have a plethora of knowledge and unique insight that can provide much-needed help to other investigators or those under investigation. Your depth of knowledge is a valuable resource that aids others and answers their most sensitive questions. However, if your online website and brand are obsolete or nonexistent, that expertise will fall by the wayside; old-fashioned branding can make clients think that your practices may too be outdated. For your company to be viewed seriously, consider what your online presence says about your business. Your company’s brand and online capabilities show to a discerning eye that you are legitimate, modern, and professional.

Being competitive in the online marketing world consists of a variety of products, links, and resources in order to show up in popular searches. However, one less-discussed aspect of online marketing is branding. All established and professional companies should have strong, identifiable brand, consisting of set colors, logo, layout, and messaging.

Private Investigator Branding


The main goal of branding is to create a recognizable design for the company. Choosing a consistent color scheme can play an important role because people will associate certain colors with your company.

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