Goodbye 2017: Here’s to Kick-A$$ 2018!

By Brian Willingham


2017 is (finally) over.

I know that people like to think of a new year as a blank slate for a new set of dreams, goals and possibilities. I’ve never been one to think that way. But this year, I hope those people are right.

There were a lot of good things to take out of this year from a business standpoint: Diligentia had its best year yet, which included two of our best months in our nine-year history, and my Master Class on mining open source intelligence (which launched in late 2016) continued to gain momentum and provided some good (much-needed) passive income.

But on a personal level, it was a totally different story. Some personal and family health issues absolutely sucked the life out of me for months at a time. All of this was happening while I was doing a renovation on a new house that we bought back in August, which sucked more time, life and money out of me than I could have ever imagined.

So after taking the past few days to do a bit of a self-audit on my year and my plans for 2018, I’m determined to make this a better year.

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Source:: Pry-Eye