Keyloggers in Private Investigation and How Clients Can Use Them

By Tedd Johnson

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Private investigators have an important role to play in law enforcement, especially when it comes to evidence collection. They have a flexibility police officers do not have. It is in civil cases where they have been more helpful, enabling clients to resolve disputes or helping to collect evidence for their case. The biggest challenge for their work is collecting evidence, especially where work and home computer devices are involved.

The challenge in this scenario is twofold. Firstly, one has to get access to the computer. Secondly, the monitoring has to be done discreetly without the knowledge of the person being investigated. To achieve this calls for the use of a number of devices and keyloggers are one of the most reliable tools for computer monitoring.

The Role of Keyloggers in Computer Monitoring and Forensics

Keyloggers are designed to record every input made on a computer’s keyboard. There are two kinds: software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers. Each have different abilities but at the top end, they offer similar functionality. Hardware keyloggers are usually preferred because of their stealth ability and ease of operation. Once the keylogger is installed they allow you to monitor every activity on the computer, usually remotely. Modern technology allows you …read more

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