Everyone (and Every Case) Has a Story

Everyone has a Story

Throughout the course of our careers, a private investigator’s education is a continuous and interesting journey. We attend dozens of training seminars, classes, and conferences every year on topics such as surveillance, counter-intelligence, forensics, fraud, ethics, background checks, and other related subjects. Our individual state regulating departments expand our knowledge quests by requiring us to stay well informed on the practices, procedures, and laws for obtaining and renewing our investigative licenses.

PI’s seek out information on the latest technology, the newest cameras, and other equipment to improve the quality of our work we provide to our clients. We discover new resources, software, and services that will make our jobs more effective and efficient. We diligently network with fellow PI’s on social media, join email groups, attend meetings to share information, and join state and national associations. The how-tos, must-dos, and don’t-dos for conducting a professional and thorough investigation are readily available, easily obtainable, and cover just about every aspect of this profession.

But I think there is one area that is often overlooked or disregarded as education and not placed high enough on the relevance scale as it should be when conducting investigations. It is not a hands-on, …read more

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