Using Social Media to Supplement Background Checks

By Stephanie Irvine

Social Media + Background Checks

Just over 10 years ago, one in every 20 people had an online “profile” where people could see their interests and activities. As technology has improved, so has our ability to socialize online. Today, four out of five people use social media and three out of four use convenient smartphones to frequently update them with new information. For private investigators, it’s the California Gold Rush.

With that many people engaging online, it’s no wonder that the internet has become home to another realm of investigation. For cases in which a spouse or lover is concerned about infidelity, social media is often the first place the significant other checks. For example, in 2009, an Ohio woman checked her husband’s Facebook page and discovered he had a second wife.
Facebook, the champion of social media outlets, continues to be the most popular social media site.

But it’s not just private investigators who are finding this information useful. According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder earlier this year, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen job applicants, which means employers are viewing social media as a legitimate avenue to investigate prior to deciding to hire …read more

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