Accident Investigations: Vehicle Lamp Examinations

By Michael Miranda

As part of an accident investigation, the question of whether the vehicle’s lights were on or not can be an important issue. Did the car have its headlights on at night? Did the driver use the turn signal before making his turn? Did your client see the brakes lights of the car stopping for traffic? Many times, the proper examination of the vehicle’s lights can answer these questions and be a deciding factor in determining fault.

Vehicle lamp examination as part of a traffic crash investigation can be accomplished if the examination is conducted properly and the lamp is collected in a manner that will cause no damage. Vehicle lamp examinations are commonly completed where there are discrepancies regarding the status of the vehicle’s lights.

Vehicle Lamp Design

Vehicle lamps are all designed in the same basic manner. A sealed beam lamp will consist of a glass envelope containing an inert gas. An inert gas is chemically inactive and will not react with anything.

The glass bulb is attached and sealed to a base. On the base, an investigator will typically find the trade number and manufacturer of the lamp as well as the contact lug pin. These items should be noted by the …read more

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