Being the Best Private Investigator You Can Be

By Brian Willingham


Last week, I read Eamon Javers’ article on BuzzFeed about Tom Corbally, “a private investigator whose career crisscrossed continents and spanned decades.”

It’s an absolutely fascinating read. It’s literally a story straight out of Hollywood. Corbally was the “original most interesting man in the world.” He rubbed elbows with Hollywood types, flew on corporate jets for vacations with automotive legend Lee Iacocca and, on one occasion, at a horse race in Paris, he was whisked into box seats with Middle Eastern royals. He even reportedly spotted the diplomat Henry Kissinger in a New York restaurant and greeted him as an old pal, saying, “Henry, how the fuck are ya?” He also became a close confidant and client of “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.

While I read the article with complete awe, I was struck by how different my life as a private investigator has been. Although even some of my closest friends think I have some secret spy life, I spend most of my days sitting behind my computer digging through the darkest areas of the Internet. I’ve never rubbed elbows with diplomats, flown on a corporate jet or befriended anyone running a high-class prostitution ring.

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Source:: Pry-Eye