NCISS Legislative Update

By Dean and Karen Beers

Here is your NCISS legislative news for the week…

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Labor Regulations and Related Legislation

Department of Labor (DOL) Overtime Rule

The Overtime Rule, enacted in May 2016 by the Obama administration was blocked late in 2016 by an injunction from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The appeal by the Obama administration DOL has been dropped by the current DOL administration. However, in the event the 5th Circuit affirms the rule, however, Congress may be forced to step in with legislation.

Persuader Rule
The Trump Administration is taking steps to reverse an Obama administration rule requiring companies to disclose their contacts with outside consultants on how to respond to unionizing efforts. In late 2016, a Federal court in Texas issued an injunction on the rule, preventing its implementation. In June, DOL issued a notice of proposed rule-making to rescind the Obama administration’s persuader rule, and asked the Texas court to stay further proceedings in the rule until the administrative actions were complete. As NCISS members well know, we have long been tracking the “ambush” rule and lobbying to have it amended or stricken altogether.

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