Online Investigations: The Deep and Dark Web

By Stephanie Irvine

Online Investigations - Deep and Dark web

Ever want to know the answer to a question? Technology has pervaded our society so much that a common response would be to go online to look. After all, only 13% of Americans don’t use the internet, meaning that an overwhelming majority of people are online. And as our personal lives become enmeshed with our social ones online, more personal information is readily available, much to the benefit of private investigators. While a lot of this information is available superficially with a quick Google search, even more information is available in the deep, dark web.

How Deep and Dark is the Web?

An important distinguishing aspect of the web is that not all of the web is deep and dark, it can be either (or both). The surface web, which is how you accessed this site, is fairly benign and contains a lot of information. The surface web consists of all information anyone can find online through search engines, like Google.

Dig a little deeper, and you will find data, documents, and information that couldn’t easily be found by a simple search. This is the deep web, that includes database results. When you look up a …read more

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