When a Client Asks a Private Investigator to Do Something Illegal

By Kimberly Faber

When a Client Asks You To Do Something Illegal

It’s a common, media-driven misconception about private investigators: that they either can obtain private information or that they are willing to break the law in order to get it. Many people do not realize that there are laws surrounding audio and video surveillance, obtaining text message and phone records, accessing medical records, and using GPS trackers. Even less understand that these regulations can vary by state. In a recent discussion, investigators discussed the challenge in being asked to break the law by clients and whether it’s wise to a) Educate the client and continue working with them, b) Sever ties completely, or c) Try to find a way to legally obtain the information.

A number of points were raised, including the economical hardships some private investigators face, the negative effect this scenario can have on one’s reputation, and the public’s perception of members of the profession. Regardless, most investigators share that illegal requests are a common occurrence, largely due to media-based misconceptions, a misunderstanding of what is and is not legal, and, in some scenarios, the potential client looking to obtain the information by any means possible.

Firing or Refusing to Work With the client

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