Setting Expectations for Clients in Infidelity Cases

By Kimberly Faber

Setting Expectations for Clients in Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations are often a popular case type that investigators handle. One important part of taking on a new client is setting expectations, including for cost, process, outcome, and findings. Many clients may not understand the process, including associated costs and the timeframe for gathering relevant information.

For expert advice on the topic, we surveyed a group of investigators who offer infidelity and cheating spouse investigation services. We share 40 expert tips gathered from that survey below.

For more information on infidelity investigation statistics, view the Signs of a Cheating Spouse Infographic.

1. To start, take a look at this thorough breakdown of 11 expectations one investigator sets.

1. Must be legally married, with no separation agreement citing ‘no interference’.

2. At a minimum, client is expected to obtain consultation with family law attorney in order to determine if investigation is in best legal interest, and for making informed decision to proceed.

3. Client agrees to fee-paid feasibility analysis, and;

4. Only investigations indicated as having a high probability of success are accepted.

5. Client may not interfere with with investigation, invade spouse’s or paramour’s privacy by any means, nor discuss investigation with unrelated 3rd parties prior to conclusion of investigation.

6. Client must agree that investigative report, …read more

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