Surveillance – A Concept of the Art

By Eddie Cruz

Surveillance - A Concept of the Art: Eddie Cruz

Surveillance is a newly published book pertaining to lessons, stories, and tips about the art of surveillance by Eddie Cruz. Below is an excerpt, “Report Writing,” containing useful techniques and insights. You can read more about the author and find where to purchase the entire book by visiting his website.

Report Writing

A written report is necessary for every surveillance. If you are working on a case that requires multiple days of surveillance, an individual report for each day of surveillance is recommended. You or your employer can provide the client with a supplemental or summary report at the end of the investigation, but daily reports are easier and convenient to follow.

Try to complete your report right after each surveillance, while the information is still fresh in your mind. Delaying or allowing unfinished reports to accumulate during other surveillances only causes confusion of the details. Your report should be grammatically accurate and free from any assumptions and embellishments. Present only the facts as you observed them, regardless of the outcome.

The surveillance reports I prepare follow a timeline, and it’s important that your video recordings correspond with the documented times on your report. Most of my reports are documented with military time; …read more

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