Using GPS Tracking Devices in Private Investigation

By Stephanie Irvine

For private investigators, GPS tracking technology is an invaluable asset when it comes to surveillance. Not only does it provide concrete evidence for private investigators, but GPS tracking devices are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. In a sense, it has revolutionized the way that PIs do business.

However, some private investigators are hesitant to use the groundbreaking technology in fear of legal repercussions. Despite the fact that many states do not have any laws on the books explicitly prohibiting the use of GPS, and federal laws are relatively ambiguous, private investigators are open season for being sued. The outcome, as past cases have shown, is realistically a crapshoot. This leaves private investigators to use the incredibly useful technology at their own risk.

Using GPS Tracking Devices

Though the private investigation industry has a longstanding history as a legitimate field with private investigation businesses existing since the 1800s, it has changed as tools and resources for investigation has evolved. For private investigators, the reasons to surveil an individual are nearly limitless — investigations can arise out of criminal or civil matters, and GPS technology provides concrete evidence for private investigators hired to conduct surveillance.

Whereas in years past, surveillance would …read more

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