Nothing Is More Expensive Than a Cheap Private Investigator

By Brian Willingham


There are several reasons why law firms, businesses and individuals aim to hire the cheapest private investigator possible.

It makes perfect sense.

Why would you pay $1,000 for a background check when you can do one online for $50 for what appears to be the same thing?

Or why would you pay one firm $225 per hour as opposed to $100 per hour for another firm? After all, you can get more than twice the work per hour from the cheaper investigator.

But what if I were to tell you that the $225-per-hour firm was able to get the result you were looking for in less than an hour’s work, while the $100-per-hour firm had taken weeks to do the same job?

An attorney client called a few weeks ago looking for some help in a legal dispute. He needed to track down two critical witnesses and interview them. Our longtime client was working with another partner who had his own investigator, but was hoping that we could assist as well, based on some work we had previously done for him. Ultimately, the other partner decided to go with the other investigator because he was a former police officer and charged half the hourly fee …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye