Five Things To Know About The CIA Hack

By jacob Evans

Five Things To Know About The CIA Hack

In what is set to be the largest document leak in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, Wikileaks is releasing more than 8000 documents obtained from an individual who had access to CIA’s hacking tools. The scariest part? These documents provide instructions on how to hack into government hardware.

This leak has government and private enterprises alike concerned and it will naturally raise questions while sparking debate about the future of mobile device security. Here are 5 things you should know about this leak:

  1. It’s not really ‘new’ news. This breach confirms what experts have been saying about platform insecurity all along. Hackers use sophisticated tools to bypass user security and privacy. The goal of the attacker is to operate quietly in the background, siphoning off data without giving any clues to the user. Successful hacks subvert the operating system to bypass the security built into good applications by accessing the microphone, webcam, or memory before the application can use it. These leaks reinforce the need to use more secure operating system technologies than the standard Android build. Enterprises and governments who are serious about keeping their data secure should be …read more

    Source:: Private Eye2