Finding Tucker’s Father

By Brian Willingham


In October 2006, two male friends from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, packed their car and headed out on a road trip that would eventually take them through the Rocky Mountains on their way to Crater Lake, Oregon. One evening of their journey was spent at a campground in a small town in Idaho, where they met two local 20-something-year-old women, one of whom was Ashlii Laine. The four of them spent the evening together, with one thing leading to another. Early the next morning, the two friends from Wisconsin packed up their car and continued on their journey west while the two women returned to their nearby hometown.

They did not exchange contact information before parting ways.

A few weeks later, Ashlii realized that she was pregnant and immediately knew who the father had to be. Embarrassingly, she could only remember a few scant details about him — and his name was not one of them. Her friend couldn’t remember his name either. She decided to return to the campground where they had met to see what information they had on file.

Reluctantly, the owner of the campground provided the recorded name and address for one of the two young men who had been at …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye