Private Investigation Firms Report an Increase in Nanny Spying

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Private investigators are finding a new niche when it comes to drumming up business. Firms like CMP Group Investigations in New York City, are now spending their time following nannies to give parents peace of mind when placing their children under someone else’s care.

Stories about children neglected by their nannies have scared parents into taking this next step to ensure they hire someone trustworthy. While nanny cams have been useful in detecting what goes on inside the house, parents are also concerned with what happens when nannies take the children on an outing. Tom Ruskin, President of CMP Group Investigations, said that the number of calls his company has received has increased greatly “You have to feel comfortable with this person who is basically joining your family as an outsider,” said Ruskin.

Nanny distraction is most often the most serious finding during the investigations and includes the nanny texting, on the phone or talking to others and not paying close attention to the children. Ruskin’s investigators once found an unattended stroller left on the street while a nanny was inside a store.

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