4 Reasons Why I Have the Best Job in the World

By Brian Willingham


In the seven years that I have run my private investigation business, I have come to the conclusion that I have the best job in the world. I am fairly certain that others might fight me for the claim to that title, but I would challenge (pretty much) anyone.

So why do I have the best job in the world?

My Work Matters

That’s not to say that all my work matters. I have worked for plenty of well-to-do people who simply had the money to dig up some dirt on the opposition in a lawsuit. I have also worked on a number of white-collar criminal defense cases where the person I was working for was clearly on the wrong side of the law.

But that is coupled with helping find a biological father, helping a client avoid an embarrassing and costly mistake, or helping avert significant damage to a company’s reputation. I’m not always making a difference or doing work that matters, but when I do have that chance to alter the course of the matter at hand, it feels pretty good.

I Have the Best Boss (Me!)

There are advantages and disadvantages to being your own boss, but for me, the …read more

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