Tips to Protect Your A** From Hackers, Thieves and Scammers

By Brian Willingham


1Check your privacy settings on your social networks (Insiders Tip: Your privacy settings on Facebook are only as good as your friends).

2Don’t re-use usernames on the web.

3Don’t ever use your real telephone number when communicating with someone on the web. Instead, use something like Burner or Hushed.

4Use shitty passwords at your own risk (or get something like LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane).

5Never reuse your main email password on other sites.

6Change your password. Now. And change it regularly.

7Set up Find My iPhone (Apple) or Android Device Manager so that you can erase all your personal data, should your device be lost or stolen.

8Use two-step authentication wherever and whenever you can.

9Review your credit report regularly.

10Place a security freeze on your credit.

11Set up a lock-screen pattern, pin or password on your mobile devices.

12Shred everything that is not junk mail. Everything! (I use the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci)

13Use a VPN!

14Don’t ever give away your personal information (Social Security, banking information, etc.) to people who contact you out of the blue.

15Watch what you click, especially those salacious links (and learn how to spot a phishing or spoofing email).

16Use anti-virus protection.

17If you insist on signing …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye