44 Things Private Investigators Can Do for Law Firms

By Brian Willingham

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Below is a short list of services that private investigators can provide to law firms.

Even with all this, there are hundreds of other things that can be added. For the sake of brevity, we’ve narrowed down that list to 44 things.

Ultimately, private investigators find “information” or “facts,” but that’s not nearly as entertaining as #44 on our list: “Tell you what those bastards are up to!”

  1. Find a current address or former addresses
  2. Determine date of birth, known aliases and/or Social Security number
  3. Locate birth, death, marriage and/or divorce filings
  4. Connect the dots
  5. Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
  6. Unearth information someone is trying to keep hidden
  7. Research current and/or historical property holdings and market value
  8. Locate bankruptcy records, judgments, liens and Uniform Commercial Code filings
  9. Help you manage sensitive situations
  10. Locate, retrieve and analyze local, state and federal civil and criminal lawsuits
  11. Identify and obtain copies of police reports, arrest records and mugshots
  12. Provide independent analysis
  13. Locate up-to-date contact information and phone numbers
  14. Identify the owner of a home or cell phone number
  15. Identify business affiliations and retrieve and analyze corporate records
  16. Identify and scrutinize employment and education histories
  17. Locate and interview current or former employees or executives
  18. Dig up dirt on opposing parties
  19. Research family history
  20. Locate and interview witnesses or interested parties for a civil or …read more

    Source:: Pry-Eye