9 Not-So-Secret Weapons of Private Investigators

By Brian Willingham

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Private investigators are known to be a pretty secretive group. Kind of like the photo you see above.

While some investigative firms like to perpetuate the “cloak and dagger” image, we are not one of them.

So let’s turn back the curtain on some of those not-so-secret weapons.

Social Media

If you haven’t figured it out already, people will say and do the darndest things on social media. Like these two geniuses who posted selfies with stolen money and ended up being arrested. Or the Montana man who got arrested after liking his own mugshot. And then there’s the story about the 103 gang members who were indicted after leaving a long trail of incriminating Facebook messages.

Not everyone is that senseless. But it’s amazing what kind of information you can glean from social media – information that either you could never have gotten otherwise if they didn’t tell you, or would have taken tens of hours to find.

Most people do not understand and cannot fully harness the power of social media, like finding hidden Facebook photos, so before you dismiss it, know that there is a lot more to it than just plugging a name into Facebook.


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Source:: Pry-Eye