A Special Thanks, Sixteen Years in the Making

By Brian Willingham

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

It was late summer 1999, and the New York Giants were wrapping up their training camp in Albany, New York. At the time, I was pursuing my dream — working in the sports industry. I was an intern in the Giants’ Communications Department, working for Pat Hanlon during the 1999 season.

Near the end of training camp, I was about to get in my car near the dormitories when Joe Montgomery, a rookie out of Ohio State, waved me down. Training camp was closing up, and he’d just realized that he had left his bag with his wallet back at the locker room, about a mile or so down the road.

I offered to drive him down, and he jumped in my car.

After he retrieved his bag and got back in my car, he was extremely grateful and told me so. None of the players had expressed even an iota of interest in me during the prior six weeks, but Joe asked what I was going to do on my few days off before starting the season. I told him I would probably just spend some time with my girlfriend and maybe we’d go out to eat.

As Joe was getting …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye