Choosing a Private Investigator Based on Price

By Brian Willingham

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

“Choosing a private investigator based on price — smart business or potentially costly decision?”

I posted that question on social media last week after (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) reported that a school board had hired a private investigator to look into some accusations about its local superintendent because the firm “offered the best price.” (In fairness, the article also reported that the firm was chosen because of “its larger scope” — whatever that means — and its experience.)

Meanwhile, just a few days later, I met a potential new client who told me that my proposal was nearly double what another firm was charging and that I would have to reduce my fees in order to get the case.

I didn’t reduce my fees, and I didn’t get the case.

Another business owner might consider me an idiot; personally, I think I made a smart business decision.

Indeed, many products and services we purchase are discounted these days … but have you ever stopped to think about why? And should private investigation services fall into that realm?

That said, if you plan to forge ahead and make a decision to hire a private investigator based on price, here are a few tips.

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Source:: Pry-Eye