5 Things to Ensure Your Computer Privacy

By rmplaskon


Your computer is your gateway to your online life. Every day you read and post to social media, email colleagues and friends, share photos, and documents. You probably do your banking, book travel, and manage your daily plans and schedules. Most people are so connected they forget just how much data goes in… and how much could come out. You’re not leading the life of an international spy, so you don’t need to worry that your every move is being watched. Still, you do need to be concerned about some things you’re doing that could land you in serious trouble. Here are the top 5 steps you should take to ensure you don’t become a privacy victim:

  1. Lock your screen. Sometimes we forget to take the simplest security measures. You need to keep out the people who could use your absence to plug in a USB drive and steal your data. If you’re going to be away even briefly, lock your screen. Better yet – use a security system like PrivateEye Enterprise that will automatically lock it for you whenever you’re away.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. A bit of healthy caution is better than blind trust. This means you can’t …read more

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