Statewide Criminal Record Checks: What You Need to Know

By Brian Willingham

State Criminal Background Check Map

Criminal record checks have been woven into the fabric of everyday business in the United States. They are conducted for employment, occupational licensing, government clearance, adoption, immigration, travel visas and even some volunteer work.

As much as they have become a part of ordinary life, they are widely misunderstood. In short, there is no simple way to conduct a comprehensive criminal search. As we have written about before, the term “nationwide criminal record check” is a complete misnomer.

There are several ways to conduct a criminal background check like an expert, but the most effective way to do this is to search the local court in each jurisdiction in which an individual has lived or worked.

However, this poses a few problems — for example, if the person was arrested in a neighboring county while attending a Phish concert, the record may never be found.

Official State Repositories

To combat this issue, one step that we strongly recommended is to conduct a statewide criminal record check through an official state repository, which provides access to criminal records throughout the state.

Each state has its own process …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye