Private Investigator Helping Idaho Family Look for Toddler Missing from Campsite

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Every family’s worst nightmare came true for parents Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr. who came back from exploring during a camping trip in Idaho and found their two-year old son missing on July 10, 2015. They immediately called 911.

The parents left their son DeOrr Kunz Jr. with his great-grandfather, who believed the boy was with his parents. The child was alone for 20-45 minutes at a campsite a half mile near a fast moving creek that flows into Timber Creek Reservoir.

Cadaver dogs keyed in on the reservoir, but it turned out that unrelated cremated remains dumped into the water were probably the source of their reaction. LEOs searched the reservoir with advanced sonar equipment, but found nothing. The local sheriff and his deputies also examined a local wolf den, but found no evidence of the boy’s remains.

The parents are convinced that their son was abducted and hired PI Frank Vilt to help find him. Vilt is a retired US Marshal with years of experience in law enforcement. He also believes that the two-year old was abducted.

Vilt speaks daily with the boy’s parents and says they have cooperated fully with law enforcement. The couple volunteered to take a polygraph test …read more

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