Review: SMI’s Social Media Investigation

By Brian Willingham

SMI came on the scene in 2011. It evolved because its founders saw a need to take the vast array of social media information available and make that information easier and less time-consuming to digest and use to make decisions.

I’ve been following the company for quite some time, and ran into some of its employees again at the 2015 ACFE Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, where I got a chance to speak extensively with SMI’s sales director, Mike Bosick, and its cofounder, Chris Randall.

I’ve been interested in giving the company a shot for quite some time, and did a quick demo with Mike Bosick several months ago; then after speaking with Mike and Chris at length, they agreed to do a sample report on me so that I could get an idea about what they provide.

I have a pretty extensive profile in social media and on the Web, and I was interested in seeing what they would find, what they wouldn’t find, how it would be presented, and if I could incorporate their social media investigation into my work.

(I was not paid to write this review. Other than receiving a free “Deep Report” on myself, I have not received any …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye