How to Make Anonymous Payments Online

By Brian Willingham

Back in the old days (when I say “old” I mean a few years ago), making anonymous payments was pretty easy. Dealing in cash is about as anonymous as it comes. You could also get a money order or a bank check and mail it to whomever you needed to and it couldn’t be traced back to you. In those transactions, when money exchanged hands, the transaction was not recorded or linked to anyone.

Easy enough.

In today’s online world, where credit card transactions are the norm, it’s not as simple. Your credit card is linked to you, as are other forms of payment such as wire transfers or PayPal.

Case Study

We recently worked on a case where we needed to purchase services for several thousand dollars and we needed to do it completely anonymously. Also, we wanted this transaction to appear as “normal” as possible so as not to raise any suspicion from the party that we were purchasing the services from, so ideally, we wanted to pay via credit card or PayPal.

Since it was an online transaction, sending a money order or a bank check was not an available option.

PayPal was also out, as we would have to register our name …read more

Source:: Pry-Eye