Private Investigator Gets New Leads in 15-Year Old Massachusetts Cold Case

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Sixteen-year old Molly Anne Bish went missing from her job as a rural lifeguard in Warren, Massachusetts in June 2000. Despite the largest and most expensive search ever held for a missing person in Massachusetts, the police did not find her remains until May 2003.

Molly was wearing a blue bathing suit when she disappeared, and a hunter noticed such an item in the woods five miles from her house. An intense search of the area led to Molly’s remains.

Police and private investigators have been working tirelessly to find her murderer since Molly’s disappearance. However, despite high-profile suspects, the case remains unsolved as of June 21, 2015.

In particular, PI Sara Stein has been working with the family for thirteen years to try and find the killer. Molly’s mother was the last person to see her alive and had seen a suspicious man in a white sedan of the parking lot of the beach Molly worked at the day before she went missing. Stein and the police have made intensive efforts to find the vehicle and identify the owner of the 1986 Buick Lesabre that raised the suspicions of Molly’s mother.

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Source:: Private Eye