Comprehensive Background Check vs. Not-So-Comprehensive Background Check

By Brian Willingham

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

Our comprehensive background check packages start at $1,000, which can cause a bit of sticker shock to those who are accustomed to seeing “comprehensive” background checks advertised on the Internet for less than $50.

So a legitimate question that is frequently asked is what is the difference between our “comprehensive background check” and what you find on the Internet, ranging from $14.95 to $49.95?


A little dark secret that most of these online background checks don’t want you to know is that their records are incomplete. And when I say incomplete, I don’t mean almost complete or missing a few records. I mean they are totally incomplete, especially when it comes to criminal records, which is hands down the most critical data point.

The simple fact is that most criminal records in the United States cannot be accessed via one database. Accessing all of them requires multiple data points, and sometimes it even means physically going to a courthouse to check.

Human Touch

Computer-generated reports do a great job of spitting out hordes of information, pages and pages of data that can take days to sift through and comprehend.

But what does all that information mean? And how does it affect me? Why should I care?

Having …read more

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